By far my strongest skill, I took the leap into creating video content daily about 6 months ago and I have not looked back since. I started by making daily vlogs of myself, then transitioned into working with some local small businesses, now I am also focusing on deeper meaningful movies, and I am helping larger businesses.

Now I consider myself very good at story telling and creating through the medium and I love to challenge myself to create something that has more meaning. On a daily basis I am learning, growing, and developing to bring myself, my following, and businesses more value.


My desire to capture moments through photo has come from a love from using my camera for video. Having a camera in my hand nearly 24/7 for 100+ days has created a connection between the equipment and I and I love to challenge myself to try something new.

I am fairly new in the space, but have found that my knowledge video creating has transferred over to this medium. I am still learning the ropes but I am in love with the process.


One of my very first passions, marketing has been a huge interest of mine for the last three years of my life. I first planned on going the traditional route of majoring in the industry, but after attending college I realized that a traditional education does not prepare students for the business/marketing world we live in today. I left college and dove into the industry on my own.

I began working with small business to help them with content creation and social media management without any prior experience, and I fell short of the skills needed to do so. For a while I put this passion on pause as I dealt with health issues. Then I found my interest in video, photo, and content creation and now after a year of daily creation, learning, and progress I have a foot in the business/marketing industry and have already begun helping businesses grow.