Born and raised here in Lancaster, PA I have always had bigger things in mind. Adopting a very growth oriented and businesses mindset about 3 years ago, I began reading and taking classes on topics such as marketing and entrepreneurship, where I found myself excelling. Ever since I had plans to follow my heart and dive into some field of business.

After graduating from high school, I made the decision to go to college at Florida State University majoring in Marketing. While taking on the first semester of classes, I started my own marketing and advertising business. Struggling to keep up with school and my newly found business I found that I was leaving a lot on the table with my new business, and about three months later I stopped my efforts, with plan to reset and restart as soon as I came up with a new approach.

Near the end of the semester I got the idea to experiment branding, marketing, and advertising with something of my own. As I was taken down by a stomach infection for three months, making me return home for recovery, Pursuit Brand was born. Within the last 6 months I have built a combined following of 1,000+ people, made $3,500 in sales, and built countless relationships with people.

After getting released from the hospital and returning back to work. I wanted to challenge myself to make a daily vlog to give myself something to work towards each and everyday. For the next 100+ days I spent about 6 hours a day planning, recording, editing, and uploading a small film about my day. not only was this similar to taking on another job but it also gives you the ability to watch your days over as you live them, making you very self-aware of your life.

After mastering this practice, I realized that I was much more passionate and interested in creating stories through video then I was at my current job. I made the decision to leave and go all in on myself, my business, and my videos.

Now I am searching for businesses, brands, and people to work with in my pursuit of building a better life.

Check out the rest of my website to see some of the thing I have to offer, and feel free to reach out. Iā€™d love to talk to you.