Defying Odds Podcast

My Mission is to encourage people to defy the odds no matter what the odds are, and along side of my daily vlogs and short movies, I am embarking on a journey to satisfy my mission with a Podcast.

This is a weekly show where I interview someone who has defied the odds in life, weather that be facing death, disease, addiction, homelessness. Everyone in this podcast have been put against all odds and have been told they can’t, but they did. They are the definition of my mission and with their help I am able to share my mission to encourage people to do the same.

Episode one: Defying odds with logan tremellen

In the very first episode of Defying Odds with me, Logan Tremellen, I give you my whole background story of who I am, how I got here, and how I defied the odds. 

I have found that people who have gone through tremendous amounts of pain, stress, and struggle are the ones who are changing the world. My idea for this podcast is to interview the people making change and find out how they have defied the odds to become the person they are today.

Beating Stage 3 Cancer with Aaron Buley

In this episode of the "Deffying Odds" Podcast, the host Logan Tremellen interviews Aaron Buley. Aaron lived a completely normal life up until he was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer at the age of 22. This interview shares the story of how Aaron defied the odds once, only to be faced with stage 3 cancer later down the road. Aaron talks about how painful this part of his life was, and also how this gave him and his wife the strength to be able to make it through anything life could possibly throw at them.

Being Homeless and How Adversity Can Change Your Life

In this episode of the "Deffying Odds" Podcast, the host Logan Tremellen interviews Mike Rezendes aka Reezyresells. Mike and his dad were homeless when he was only a kid, and he always was able to live a normal life despite his situation. Now Mike is co-owner of an Amazon reselling business with over $5 Million in lifetime sales, has a personal brand with 110k followers, and a family he takes care of full time. In this episode we discuss how going through adversity and challenges is needed in order to be mentally, physically, and emotionally strong, and once going through tough times, your perspective allows you to succeed even when times may not be the best.

Facing Addiction and How To Be grateful with Jay Lippman

In this episode of the "Deffying Odds" Podcast, the host Logan Tremellen interviews Jay Lippman. Jay was addicted to alcohol and a handful of other extremely harmful drugs and it was not until he was caught that he realized he needed help. In this episode Jay and I break down how we use adversity and gratitude to live amazing lives every single day, and a theory of how we can teach others to feel gratitude without them needing to go through challenges and near death experiences like we did.