This Short Film Series is a Result of Me Challenging Myself to Focus More on Quality.

Who are you?

I needed to create this film because this is something I needed to hear in a part of my life, and if I wouldn’t have realized this, my life would be forever different. In the film “Who Are You?” I dive into the truth that we live our lives off of other peoples opinion, when in reality we are the only one who knows who we should be.

One year ago I was in college taking a turn at receiving a degree in marketing when I realized I was learning nothing, I was more focused on running a business, and I was miserable. College was mandatory in my mind for so long because that is what I was told growing up, but in reality it only prevents you from finding you.

This film shows you a glimpse of what I put myself through this past year and how it ultimately led me to find myself.

how’s life?

This is my second "short film" like creation where I ask myself "How's Life?" This video is devoted to everyone who does not like their life. Everyone who claim to be stuck in their situation. Everyone who has excuses for not being where they want to be. In reality... YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE STOPPING YOU!

In this video I briefly explain what it took for me to get out of my old life and into my new life. and what thought process it took to get here.